Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation:

We have litigated cases for almost thirty years and have experience in a wide range of civil claims. We represent clients in all types of civil cases, and we have extensive experience and success in the following areas:

  • Covenants Not to Compete: Often referred to as “non-compete clauses” or “non-compete agreements,” CNCs consist of a contract between an employer and an employee prohibiting the employee from disclosing confidential information, trade secrets, other sensitive business information upon terminating his or her employment, or restricting the employee from opening or becoming employed by a competing business for a defined time period and within a certain geographical area after terminating employment. These agreements are sometimes used in connection with the sale of a business or professional practice, but they often apply to an employee and employer’s rights both during and after the employment relationship is concluded.
  • Breach of Contract: Contracts come in many forms and govern many aspects of our lives. We have litigated and handled appeals in contract disputes for almost thirty years.
  • Defamation of Character: Defamation of character is a broad term encompassing both slander or libel. Slander consists of spoken words that damage a person’s reputation, while libel causes the same harm when it is written. We know the importance of maintaining your good reputation in the community. If someone has said or written defamatory statements about you, you may be entitled to compensation. These are difficult cases to prove, making it even more important that you hire an attorney experienced in this area.
  • Internet Defamation: With the recent rise of social media sites like Facebook, we are frequently contacted by individuals who are libeled on social media. We offer comprehensive and reasonably priced solutions to this growing problem. Contact us to discuss our innovative service.  We have the experience and knowledge to sue and recover for slander or libel when other options have been exhausted.
  • Misappropriation of Likeness: If someone uses your name or likeness (a photograph, for example) without your permission for  profit, you may also have the right to compensation.
  • Zoning and Land Use: For many years, we represented the City of Jacksonville Beach in their zoning and land use appeals regarding comprehensive plans and rezoning issues.
  • Civil Theft: If you have leased or loaned property to another party and it has not been returned, or another party has stolen your property, we can take legal action to retrieve your assets. Further, Florida’s civil theft statute allows for “treble damages,” which is recovery of up to three times the amount of the value of the stolen property, and prevailing party attorney’s fees.
  • Consumer Law: If you are the victim of a false or deceptive business practice, unfair debt collection, or any other consumer issue, you should contact us. We are able to handle some of these claims on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we recover after a trial or in a negotiated settlement.
  • Employment Law: We have represented both businesses and employees in a wide range of employment cases. From non-compete agreement violations to discrimination in the workplace, we are experienced and able to defend or bring suit to protect your business or your job.
  • Qui Tam/ Whistleblower: The Federal False Claims Act allows for private persons who expose fraud against the government to recover a portion of the money stolen. Initially passed during the Civil War to crack down on military contractor fraud, this act allows for monetary recovery for exposing fraud in a wide range of cases. If you suspect or have knowledge of fraud against the government, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.
  • Litigation Support: Many trial lawyers retain us to draft challenging motions and supporting memorandums of law. Our appellate experience helps us draft persuasive motions and legal memorandums in order to raise and preserve issues for a potential appeal.
  • Outside the Box Cases: Because of William S. Graessle’s reputation and experience, many lawyers refer to us “outside of the box” cases and issues. If you are an attorney with a legal issue and unsure how to proceed, contact us for brainstorming, motion support, trial support, or to allow us to handle the case.


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