Legal Counseling

Legal Counseling

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • Contract and Document Review and Drafting:

As trial and appellate lawyers, we have a unique perspective on non-compete agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, and other types of contracts. We have analyzed and argued the meanings of contracts and other documents at the trial level and on appeal. Many times, however, a consultation with an attorney prior to entering into any legal agreement can prevent the ensuing, costly litigation. We are available to review and advise you of any issues you need to consider in contracts, covenants not to compete, and other legal documents before you sign. We are also able to draft agreements and contracts. A small investment up front could save you a headache and costly litigation down the road.

  • General Legal Counseling

We are attorneys and counselors. If you have a legal issue, potential legal issue, or are unsure whether you need legal help or advice, we are available for consultations and can offer you counsel and recommend solutions to your legal dilemmas.

  • “Out” of House Counsel

Many large corporations employ multiple attorneys to serve as “in-house” counsel to constantly advise their employer on legal issues. These lawyers often hire outside attorneys, often litigators like us, if the employer becomes involved in a lawsuit. While most small and medium sized businesses have frequent legal needs, it would be inefficient to employ a fulltime team of lawyers. Businesses call on us for many legal needs: from advising on contracts, non-compete and other employment issues, zoning, and a wide range of issues before litigation arises to litigation if needed. We know the issues facing growing businesses and have a large network of lawyers ready to assist on any issue outside of our expertise. We offer innovative pricing and flexible options for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Further, we are available to counsel on a wide range of business issues.

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